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About Me


reetings! The two most important things you need to know are 1) I love books! and 2) I'm not just a designer. Over the years, I've touched almost every part of the book-making process as a graphic designer, author, illustrator, creative director, and publishing director. I've done book P&Ls, wrangled printing schedules, acquired incredible authors, and art directed children's books. My business training and design experience combine for a simple philosophy: make something beautiful and clever that sells incredibly well. So whether you're an established publishing house or a self-published author trying to position your book in a crowded marketplace, my broad experience will help create a design that gives your book a competitive edge. 


Let me tell you more about that experience. My wife and I are the founders of Bushel & Peck books, a new children's publisher fighting illiteracy with our Book-for-Book Promise. You can learn more about that here! Before that, I was a partner at Familius where I helped to grow an infant publishing house into a vibrant publishing program with millions in sales. After just a few years, Familius was named a 2018 Publishers Weekly Fastest Growing Independent. I was also named a 2018 Publishers Weekly Rising Star Honoree and was awarded the Outstanding Graduate award for general business from the BYU Marriott School of Management in 2013. 

My Process

First, I like to listen. I find that the best inspiration for a design comes from hearing the author himself talk about his work. What problem was she setting out to solve? What goal does he have for his work? Most authors I've worked with genuinely want to help people—perhaps just be providing good entertainment—and the authentic passion they bring to their subject is the best sales pitch you could ever write. A designer's task is to harness that energy, focus it, and pitch it to the reader in a clear, compelling way. 

Cliffnotes Version:

  • 2018 Publishers Weekly Rising Star Honoree

  • Former publishing director of Familius, a 2018 PW Fastest Growing Independent

  • Designer of over 300 books

  • Author/illustrator of over 40 titles

  • 2013 Outstanding Graduate award from one of country's most respected business schools

  • Co-founder of Bushel & Peck Books

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