Adult Book DESIGN


A Beginner's Guide to Quilting

Because this book is for beginners, I used a brighter color palette to keep things friendly and fun. Some quilting books have more drab colors which can make things feel old and dated. The lighter colors set this book apart and appeal to a younger, beginner's audience—the next generation of quilters.  


This Book Changed Everything

Clean, easy-to-read text with a few graphic elements to dress things up. The occasional use of block-like fonts reminds me of an early printing press and complements the book's discussion on the Bible and its impact on the world.  


The Mix-and-Match Lunchbox

This is one cool cookbook! The pages are all cut into thirds so that they turn independently of each other. In this way, you can mix-and-match a grain, protein, and fruit/veggie for one of 27,000 perfectly balanced lunches.  


Skinny Southern

This book's design is a strategic cross between a gourmet cookbook and Pioneer Woman. The recipes are outstanding and deserve a sophisticated design, but I also included fabric swatches, florals, and other elements to pull in Southern charm and keep the book feeling friendly and accessible for home cooks. 


Fairy House

The bestselling book on miniatures and fairy craft projects! My favorite part about this book is the close-ups of each fairy piece, which are actually composites created in Photoshop. Individual pieces were shot against white, which I then cut out and arranged with other backgrounds and photographed elements (the log and the flower background in this example) to create a full composition. 


Daily Mindfulness

This 368-page gift book is filled with gorgeous photographs, each accompanied by inspirational quotes. I kept the days numbered (instead of calendar days) so the book could be started any day of the year. The tabs on the sides indicate the theme of the quote—one theme for each of the seven days of the week.  


Coconut Kitchen

Ultra clean and minimal, the design for Coconut Kitchen is beautifully on-trend and looks fabulous in stores of all types.