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n experienced book designer will work to create a layout that reads well, communicates effectively, competes in the marketplace, and looks gorgeous while doing it! With as many as a million books being published annually in the U.S. alone, the need to compete is higher than ever. If you're a self-published author, it's essential that your book design looks and feels as professional as anything from a traditional publishing house. And if you are a traditional publishing house, design and package are one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for effectively positioning your book against your competitors. 

My Book Design Process


First, we'll have a phone call to discuss your project and determine a common vision. We'll discuss market, strategy, package details, intended audience, your goal for the book and beyond, and more. 


Sample Spread

Based on what we discussed and other materials you provide me, I'll create a sample spread that shows the artistic direction for the book content.



We'll review the sample spread together and identify areas of improvement. I'll then work on fixes and submit it for your review again. It's important to me that you love your book, so we'll do this as long as it takes to get it right!


Full Design

Once we've settled on the final artistic direction for the book, I'll work on completing the rest of the layout with the materials that you provide me (edited manuscript, photography as needed, etc.)



Once the final design is finished, you're free to send it to a copyeditor or proofreader of your choice. Once their list of edits is prepared, I'll work through the book and make them one-by-one.


Printer Files

Once the book is cleaned up editorially, I'll prepare the final files for the printer per their instructions.


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