uccessful cover design requires an intelligent blend of artistry and business savvy. After all, a cover is more than a piece of art—it's your first (and sometimes only) chance to hook a prospective reader. You need it to grab attention, strategically direct the eye, communicate quickly, and subtly intrigue, all while looking great both on the shelf and as a thumbnail on Amazon. No small task!

My Design Process


First, we'll have a phone call to discuss your project and determine a common vision. We'll discuss market, strategy, package details, intended audience, your goal for the book and beyond, and more. 


Thumbnail Sketches

Based on what we discussed and other materials you provide me, I'll create several thumbnail sketches for possible designs. This helps us quickly weed out the weakest ideas and bring the best ones to the top of the heap.


Draft Design

I'll create up to 3 cover designs based on the strongest concepts we identified during the thumbnail sketch phase. 



We'll review the cover designs together, identify what works best, and hit the revisions process. It's important to me that you're thrilled with the final cover, so we'll keep this up as long as it takes to get it right!


Printer Files

Once you sign off on the final cover design, I'll prepare printer ready files with spine, bleeds, etc. per your printer's instructions. 


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