ovelty elements add a layer of complexity to book production, but if done right, they can add tremendous marketplace value. The key, for me at least, is this: never add novelty for novelty's sake. Extra elements should only be added if they enhance the experience of the book in an effortless, seamless way. Below you'll find a sampling of some of the novelty formats I've personally worked on. Part of the fun of book production is finding new ways to reimagine what a book can be, so expect this list to grow!

Book Plus

Make your book stand out with special extras! Stickers, craft supplies, charts, pull-out posters, stationery—the only limit is imagination, and fortunately, we have plenty of that around here. The book shown here includes a coil of red paracord and a set of waterproof knot cards.

Embedded Flaps

Embedded flaps are cut directly into the paper (usually a form of art card) and are flush with the page when the flaps are closed. A terrific choice for interactive children's books and board books.

Paper Flaps

These flaps are extra pieces of paper glued directly to the page. Ideal for picture books, but less so for board books because younger kids can more easily tear them out. The book shown here uses flaps as faux letters and postcards, allegedly delivered by several famous women from history.

Sound Books

Sound books bring a story to life with voice and audio recordings! Any clip can work, though it's best to keep them shorter than 20 seconds to preserve battery life (and parental patience).

Pull Tabs

Pull tabs are wonderful for adding extra factoids and clever interactivity into children's content. The mechanism shown here demonstrates the balance of power between the three branches of government.


Ah, plush. Surprisingly simple to manufacture, plush instantly ups the cuteness of any children's book. The book shown here uses plush arms to create a "hug" for the reader; other examples could include finger puppets, plush characters that come with the book, or other plush add-ons like ears and tails.